Yes, there are three.  Use them to check weather patterns, verify exchange rates and to monitor current events.

Temperatures vary with elevation. Temperatures do not vary significantly from season to season. On the coasts, the weather is warm all year, while in the mountains, nights can be cool at any time of the year. Temperatures in Guanacaste generally range between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (20-33 Celsius). In the Dry Season, temperatures are higher, but the humidity is lower. Comfort level is more affected by humidity than temperature.

Costa Rica has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons. The Rainy Season lasts from May to November. The Dry Season begins in December and continues through April. During the Rainy Season, expect a daily rain shower late in the afternoon or early evening. During the DrySeason, virtually no rain falls and the landscape turns a golden brown. In Guanacaste where Los Almendros is located, the dry season tends to last several weeks longer than in other areas of Costa Rica.

Guests will pass several banks when driving to Los Almendros from the Liberia Airport. The banks give a much better exchange rate than the airport money exchanger. If you arrive late, cab drivers and stores will accept dollars. Check the exchange rate in advance of your trip to make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of.

Yes. Contact Nino, our General Manager by e-mail (  Nino can arrange for rental cars to be picked up at the airport or delivered to Los Almendros (3 day minimum rental).

Yes. The front office employs a maid who provides laundry service at  reasonable rate.  Call the front office to make arrangements.

Los Almendros does not have licensed babysitters. However, our Spanish speaking maids sometimes agree to babysit. The maids have an emergency contact number for the General Manager.

English speaking staff are on duty 7 AM – 3 PM seven days a week.   When the office is closed for the day, it is manned by two security guards who speaks little English. The guards are trained to assist late arriving guests.   Security guards are able to contact the General Manager by phone in emergency situations.

The General Manager, customer service specialist and maintenance coordinator speak very good English.

Yes, maid service is provided once a week for a weekly rental. Additional maid service can be requested for a modest charge.  Additional clean towels are provided free of charge, upon request

Yes. Nino, the Los Almendros de Ocotal General Manager, has over 20 years experience helping first time visitors to Costa Rica plan their activities. He knows the best tour operators and can often secure better tour prices than are advertised on the Web.

As of Dec 3, 2014 Costa Rica no longer collects a seperate departure tax. All taxes are built into the price of your airline ticket.

As of January 2015  non-stop flights into the Liberia Airport are available from toronto, Montreal, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Charlotte, and New York City.   The carriers are Air Canada, American, Continental, Delta, Jet Blue and US Airways.

Yes, the taxi fare is $55 each way for a 3 person taxi.  Vans are available at additional cost.

Yes, Interbus services Los Almendros. Interbus provides door-to-door service to Arenal, Manual Antonio, Monteverde, San Jose and other popular tourist destinations.

Yes, the cab fare to Coco is $5-$10 each way. The Los Almendros office can get you the best rate.

Yes, a vehicle is recommended if you plan on traveling throughout Guanacaste. If you do not plan on leaving the Coco/Ocotal area, taxis may be less expensive than renting a car,  The office can arrange to have a rental vehicle delivered to Los Almendros (3 day minimum).  Private taxi service is available between Los Almendros and the Liberia Airport.

Aspirin/Tylenol, antibacterial ointment, anti-diarrheal pills, insect repellent, cortisone cream for allergic rashes, sun block and Band Aides. All of these items can be purchased at local pharmacies.  Bring motion sickness pills if you plan to go deep sea fishing.

Yes. The Dental Clinic at Papagayo recently opened in the Do-It Centre complex (20-25 minutes from Los Almendros). The dentist speaks English. The dentist’s name is Dra. Ana Valdelomar. Her phone number is 2667-0875, or 8848-5432. Email address:

Most tourists do not get immunized prior to vacationing in Costa Rica.

Yes. Neaarby Playas del Coco offers emergency medical and dental services.

The Hospital CIMA Guanacaste opened in July, 2012.  This facility has a 24-hour emergency room, operating rooms and a full-service medical clinic, complete with a lab, radiology department, and computerized tomography scans.  This hospital is a 30 minute drive from Los Almendros de Ocotal.  It is located behind the Do It Center, 6.5 miles from the Liberia Airport.   Hospital Cima is one of Costa Rica’s finest private hospitals. The hospital is open 24/7.  English is spoken.

For more information go to:

Costa Rica has very little violent crime against tourists. Petty theft does occur, but it is not a problem for the overwhelming majority of visitors to Costa Rica. The most common problem is having articles removed from automobiles that are parked in areas without paid security/watchmen.  Valuable items should never be left unattended on public beaches.

Yes. Unlike many other Latin countries, Costa Rica has the infrastructure in place to ensure that all citizens and guests have access to clean water. Both well water & water supplied by municipal governments is safe to drink. However, because of Mexico’s well publicized  water quality problems, many visitors to Costa Rica request and drink bottled water just to be safe.

No. Ocotal’s surf is too calm. Excellent surfing is available at nearby Witches Rock and Ollies Point. Surfing tours leave daily from Coco.

Absolutely. Playa Ocotal is arguably Guanacaste’s best beach to snorkel from shore. The rock formations at either end of the beach have abundant aquatic life.

Costa Rica’s Blue Flag is awarded to the country’s cleanest and most eco-friendly beaches. The beach must have caretakers who are committed to keeping the beach clean and safe.

Yes.  The Blue Flag is awarded by the Costa Rica Tourism Council to beaches that meet their stringent water quality and beach cleanliness requirements.  The entire Ocotal cummunity works together to ensure that Blue Flag standards are met.

No, it is very important that small children be closely supervised. Playa Ocotal has no dangerous rip tides.  However, the waves are sometimes strong enough to cause children to lose their footing.  Small children should never be unattended on the beach.

Los Almendros is a beachfront development. The beach is a two minute walk from most Los Almendros condos.

Yes. The covered meeting area above the main pool is a Wi-Fi hot spot.  Many condos have a private high speed internet connection.  If you require a condo with internet access, please request this amenity when making your reservation.

Yes. A meeting area with picnic table seating for 12 is directly above the main pool area. The meeting area has a beautiful view and can be used for group meetings, family reunions and small wedding ceremonies.

Los Almendros has two charcoal barbecues with picnic table seating.  Charcoal can be purchased at local grocery stores.

No. However, Father Rooster’s restaurant is next door. Father Rooster’s is a rustic beachfront restaurant with good food and excellent drinks.  It is open for lunch and dinner.  The restaurant specializes in fresh seafood.  Father Rooster’s is a nice place to watch the sun set while enjoying your favorite tropical drink.

Los Almendros has 3 swimming pools.

No.  Only owners are permitted to have pets.

Yes, but sometimes, only the maid service has access to them. On-site laundry service is available through the front desk.  A few owners do allow their guests to use their washer and dryer.  If you will require a washer and dryer, please request a unit that provides this ammenity.

Most condos have Wi-Fi. If this is important to you, request a unit with Wi-Fi when you make your reservation.

Yes, you may make local calls from the condo for a fee of about 22 cents per minute. Long distance calls to the US and Canada can be made in the office for about 28 cents per minute. If you are staying in a condo that has Internet service, you can use your laptop, iPad and Skype account to call around the world.  Skype service works very well in Costa Rica.

The electrical system is 110 volts, the same as in the United States & Canada.

Not all Los Almendros condos have lock boxes. You can request a unit with a safe when you make your reservation.

General Rule: Studio (Max 2), 2 Bedroom (Max 4), 3 Bedroom (Max 6), 5 Bedroom (Max 12). A few owners have increased their Max occupancy by putting a fold out bed in the main living area. Occupancy limits are strictly enforced. Be sure to request a unit appropriate for the number of people in your party.

Yes. All condos have a refrigerator,stove/oven, microwave, coffee maker and toaster. Our condo also has dishes, glasses, flatware, pots and pans.  Our studios do not have a full kitchen.  They have a refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker.

No. Most do, but a few do not. If this is important to you, please request a unit with an ocean view.  Our studios are on the ground floor and do not have an ocean view.

Yes. All units have bedroom air conditioners. Some units also have an air conditioner in the main living area.

Los Almendros has 43 privately owned condominiums.  We have 2 studios, 23 two bedroom condos, 19 three bedroom condos and 1 five bedroom villa.